Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Better, but

I better day today. Not so windy, legs feeling stronger. Devoid of guilt I didn't turn towards the Uni, but kept going towards the dam... and then I was at the dam, so I climbed the wall and enjoyed the morning. Bonus! They have repaved the road! Well, except they used North Queensland bitumen, which is rocks kind of stuck together with very little tar. Still, it is way better than the Roubaix experience I used to enjoy over the last 500m or so.

Double bonus! The gate was open this morning, so you could just blast on up the wall! And it was exquisitely beautiful at the top, with just enough breeze for a kite to hang motionless right at eye level. There were pelicans on the water, and scrappy bits of cloud on the hills. I was a bit late for work, but I made it up at lunch. It was worth it. I’ll remember the camera next time.

Still in gym avoidance mode I guess, that is where I was supposed to be this morning.

So blissed out by the good ride I nearly forgot the but. Had to come to a full stop at the Weir School because not one, but three Mom's in 4WDs felt entitled to turn in front of me, even though I was on the main road with a green light. Am I invisible? Are they complete idiots? (obviously). I wasn't in the mood to make war this morning, but next time I am following them in, taking details and calling the cops.

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