Monday, May 19, 2008

Blame the wind

I had a shit of a ride this morning. This is a new blog, so let me explain. I commute to work, but work is too close to home (about 6km) so I take a long way around to spin it into 15 km each way. I have been doing this for about a year now, and I have been steadily getting stronger, leaner, faster.

But I have hit the wall. It was windy this morning, but it is always windy. And I cycled through treakle, on legs made of lead, and I cursed my weakness over every metre. I feel weak and defeated. I want to get stronger, but it is not happening. So I have to have a think about what I am doing.
1) riding on empty. I hate breakfast. tomorrow I will eat some cereal and see if that helps.
2) attacking from the end of the driveway. I suppose I could go easy for a km or two to warm up, but I rather fancy the driveway is like those starting thingos racers blow out of for time trials.
3) gym avoidance. I really hate going to the gym and now I am paying for it with pudding legs. I will go tomorrow, I swear!!
4) wine consumption. I drink too much wine of an evening I suppose, although I am inspired by the early Tour de France competitors who actually drank while cycling! Allez!

Anyway, while my cycling was crap today, it was still a great day for cycling. I forgot the camera this morning, so you will have to imagine the moon rising over the river as the sky turned to apricot on the commute home. The wind had eased and the water was glassy. Paddlers on the water, turtles poking their heads up hoping the walkers would stop and feed them. The quavery call of little corellas as they flocked towards roosting places. Wouldn't be in the car for quids.

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carlvanwyk said...

Wouldn't be in the car for quids. AMEN!
Somedays (very rarely) I have to use the car to go to uni. Boy, am I envious of all those free spirits out there on two wheels...