Friday, May 23, 2008

change for the better

I was off my bike Wednesday, so nothing to say there. Went to the hospital to get some data for my Doc. I have had more fun, he had better tell me I can now cycle til I drop (which I would opt to do anyway).

Thursday I carried the lurgy of the tests, not a great day on the bike, but there is never a bad one.

Today was paradise. I took my camera to show you. DOH! Dead batteries. I hate that. So I snicked some out of my drawer at work and took the camera when I went to the library to renew a text book. And look! Pictures at last!

The Library is my favorite building at JCU, and now it is decorated with a field of lovely hoops for bicycles. It is really heartening to see bikes presented as an asset, not an afterthought.
The environment around the whole campus is pretty natural. Notice the nice Livistonia palm amongst the gum trees, this is what local bushland is like. I was actually lucky to catch the sun because it was really cloudy all day. A warmer start this morning (around 16 C) and a cool 27 max. I like the use of stone around the building. It was always like this but they freshened it up and made the nice flat area for the bike racks a couple of days ago.
Now if we can just get paths that are wide enough for bikes and pedestrians at the same time... but we will get there eventually. All this improvement is thanks to the new VC. The Library was very tired looking, and the landscaping was not an asset. Due to the dedication of the library to Eddie Mabo Wednesday, it got a major tart up, including the bike racks. Eddie would have liked that I think. And I am proud of the dedication. Empowering ordinary people through access to knowledge is what librarys, and universities, are all about.

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