Friday, May 16, 2008

Confessions of an armchair traveller

OK, so I am a pretty big fan of the writings/ramblings of the Fatcyclist, who needs no promotion from me since he is the most popular sports blogger in the universe. Moved by his creation of a cycling event known as the "Triathalon" - mountain biking, road biking, and grilling/eating bratwurst - I thought I would check out the area around his home, where the event begins and ends. A bit of fiddling in Google maps and I was there, in spades!

This was prety cool, not just the neighbourhood and the surrounding excellent Mtb country, but the house, and one of the kids... wait a minute, I am a mapping enthusiast and now I feel like a stalker. Sometimes Google is a bit creepy, sorry Fatty.

This whole thing began because Fat Cyclist jerseys are going on sale at noon on Monday, Fatty time. I wanted to know how late/early we were talking for eastern Australia, so I thought I would look at a newspaper in Utah. I found a Salt Lake City one. Now the blogosphere exists to make the world a small and human place. I am a well travelled citizen of the world. But in Utah, one of the news sections, we are talking about a permanent part of the newspaper structure here, not a one-of, is Polygamy. Hmmmm. At least I found out that noon Fatty time is 4 am my time, but I also felt a bit soiled.

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