Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ride of Silence

Today was the Ride of Silence for Townsville. Here is a local group gathered for a coffee before the ride. The owner of Juliette's loves that we over fill the place but are willing to stand around to drink coffee.

At 8:30 we gathered at the Rockpool and slowly and silently rode the length of the Strand to the breakwater, then back and out to the Esplanade, then back to the Rockpool. A pretty short ride by ROS standards, but very visible and very pleasant for the riders.

I should have made my way to the back because I didn't manage to get a shot that conveys how many people there were. A couple of hundred is not bad for a first effort. It was very moving and sad, but a great thing to be a part of.

Bouquets to Carl for making it happen. Brickbats to the taxi driver who broke up the group because he couldn't spare a few seconds. Karma baby.

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