Friday, May 30, 2008

strange sights

A slow week really, in more ways than one. My trip computer has died, I suppose it just needs new batteries. I am proud to report that I wore out my bike chain before I wore out the trippy. Less than a year since I bought the bike, but the anniversary is July, so not bad I guess. I was hoping for 10,000 kms for the anniversary, but I am not sure I can make it. I need to take some time off and just cycle - but that is hard to do when you are busy. I am not sure why I have so many demands on me, but I do, and I am driven to make all the outcomes perfect, cause that is just the way it is.

So it has been a grey week (weather and fitness wise), I have been stronger, but I can't complain. Without my trip computer I have totally lost my edge, so I have just been crusin', enjoying the ride and not worrying about the numbers. People at work ask me about cycling all the time. It is pretty obvious to those who see me on a daily basis that cycling has changed my body and altered my life. And I always tell them, if you want to get serious about cycling, get a trip computer.

When you know how far and how fast, it becomes an obsession. If your normal commute is 140kms a week, you'll find yourself circling the block to 'round it up' to 150. And then you go for 250, and then 300 - because you can.

So since it was a grey week, and any photos I took were pretty unappetizing, here is an interesting one from a couple of weeks ago. I’m cruisin’ along the river and here is this group of three women walkers ahead of me. They are stopped, and one of them has taken off her shoe, and is about to throw it at something that is in the path. So I stop (as you do) and here is this mighty mub crab – all of four inches across? – and he will not let anyone pass. Full stop. Drawn up to a mighty size, claws in the air. It was a moving display of desperate bravery.

So we all stood there and debated what to do about the mudcrab when a good bloke and expert mud crab handler chanced along and scooped up the feisty bastard, and carried him to the river and let him go. We were all a bit Buddhist about that crab, so congratulations all around and on we go.

Not much further along and there is a strange sight.

Sort of a bicycle Titanic moment. This poor bike was truly trashed before it met its watery fate. Now here is was, a real 'Ghost bike' on the rivers edge. Creepy really. Creepier still, when I came back past the spot at 5ish, it was gone. What do you do with a busted, weed tangled dead bike? Hope to see it in an art installation soon.

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