Thursday, May 29, 2008

time flies

I was going to post on Monday to expound upon the virtues of being involved in a cycling event, even if you are too much of a whimp to actually cycle. But I left my camera behind at the below mentioned event, so I am more than a little late, sorry.

So the event was the Inaugural 8 hour MTB race held by the local Rockwheelers MTB club at Ross River Dam. I knew after riding just a little of the track at the "Chicks at Speed" clinic that I didn't have what it takes to race this. Fitness cannot conquer fear, so I put my hand up there and then to work as a volunteer on the big day. And I had a blast. I was in the timing tent. Due to my fine voice and slightly aggressive nature I was perfect for the job. And it was a thrill to see the racers come through and know the times (some of them truly awesome) before anyone else.

Honestly, if you love a sport but you don’t think you can cut it, then help make it happen for the ones who can. I’ll do it again…… although I may have talked myself into another crack at the Paluma Push this year. Hey, somebody has to come last, and it may as well be me.

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