Saturday, June 28, 2008

been there, done that

Got up this morning, rode 35km for a coffee, caught up with my friends (I was going to say 'cycling friends' but I realised that I only have one sort) and then came home, showered, changed, bought vegetables from the side of the road truck guy, and then picked up a new Specialized Myka mountain bike.

Just wanted to have a Fat Cyclist moment there.

Actually it was very exciting to go to the bike shop and finally get a leg over a size small soft tail - women specific. And it just felt lovely. No time to ride it today. I was asked to please work the Ernie Yates memorial road race this afternoon, so I rushed around and dutifully showed up well before the start - and they didn't need me, hand no idea who I was (no surprise there) - so I could just relax.

Scott was supposed to race, but he is laid low with a cold, so we just opened the back hatch of the car, made ourselves comfortable, and watched the start of the race. Then, assuming 40km / hr average over 40km - we had an hour to kill for the finish. I had a serious kip - hey we were up at 4:45! Dark clouds moved over head, interspersed with moments of intense heat as the tropical sun found an opening. Parrots screeched. The occasional road train thundered past.

And then it was on! A big pack headed for the finish, cries of anguish as the sprint rushes past - and a winner!! I love road racing.

Mountain bike to Bald Rock tomorrow. We'll see if I can come home unscathed.

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