Wednesday, June 4, 2008

busy day

I got going early this morning and did the dam run. Kudos to Leone who was cycling to work, back on her bike after knee surgery, it is so lovely to see people you know as you cycle along.

A beautiful morning, a powerful cycle. You know how some days you just feel like superman (or superwoman in my case) well this was such a day. It was strange and a bit foggy as I got near the dam. I wondered if it was smoky, not foggy. I am from Nova Scotia and I know a thing or two about fog, and this was dark. It was like cycling in Mordor. So, being the Spatial sort of person I am I checked Sentinel, Australia’s bush fire monitor.

Nope, no bush fires here, so it was just a very strange, dark fog. But so beautiful.
I got to the top of the dam wall like it was easy (I couldn’t do it a few months ago) and had a break. I took a new photo of myself. Now I have seen these sorts of photos elsewhere, and I have to conclude that my arms are a lot shorter than average, or my head is huge. I’ll keep trying.

So off to the uni I go, and I arrive early and filled with that sort of super energy that you get after a ride that felt 100 kms too short. Fired up the email (I like to delete emails while I cool down) and there is one from my doctor. I had tests on my heart a couple of weeks ago, and it seems I didn’t study enough. I hate failing tests. So now I get to have more tests. I’m telling you (both of you readers) that a person knows if they are unwell, and I have never been more well. So relax Dr Carson, it will all be fine and there will be an interesting paper in it for you. And no, I can’t fit you in till the week after next, I am a busy woman.

Speaking of busy, today was the visibility ride at JCU. Some BUG members thought we should cycle around the campus and introduce ourselves to some Sr. management types to raise the profile of cycling at the university. Bonus – I get an email at around 9:30 from WIN news wanting to interview cyclists. It seems that the Australian Government bean counters have decided that cyclists save 200 million a year in reduced medical expenditure. And that is leaving out the savings in road wear and tear and carbon credits we should all get a cheque in the mail for. So WIN comes and does an interview, takes some footage of us all and it is all good. As a super bonus my new Fat Cyclist jersey got Australian air time!

They managed to leave my observation that car drivers with no respect for cyclists were a minority with a predictably short life span due to their driving habits ... on the cutting room floor. Bummer.

And then I got back to the office and had a phone message to call a magazine for an interview about map projections. So I did that, but I won’t bore you with the details. Not everyone is as mappy as I am.

All in all, a high exposure sort of a day.

And I got to lend a bike to a really nice dutch girl who emailed me asking where one could rent a bike in Townsville. It is so nice to justify my collection by having lovely students ride some of the bikes while they are here,. She was just lovely and I am sure my generosity will colour her view of her time at the university. Good deeds are just such fun. Thanks to my spouse who was busy pumping tires and checking lights when I got home.

And a special thanks to the city maintenance crews. In the last week they have swept up all the dangerous gravel, sand and glass along Angus Smith Drive (this is major for my commute) and the lovely guys working near Weir School today, when I stopped to tell them about several glass smashes along the bike way near there – removed all trace of glass. You are champions and we really appreciate you!

Ok – enough for one blog already, even my Mom wouldn’t read this much!

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