Sunday, June 15, 2008

committed to racing

Bright and early we left for Hervey’s range. Scott was racing and I was going to ride. As we approached Rupertswood we were pleased to see the temperature was sitting on 15 degrees. Suddenly it dropped to 9, then down rapidly by .5s to 6! We didn’t even bring leg warmers.

So I left my bike in the car and stood around clutching my coffee for heat. They were a bit short handed today, so would I help out? No worries. In the heated car and up the range to time the time trialists. I swear my fingers were blue. Then back in the heated car to follow the C grade pack in the road race. I couldn’t believe how long the race seemed. If I was on a bike I would be totally unaware of the passage of time, but in a car it just drags. Still, it was fun to be involved, warm, and at the finish line to pack Scott up after the race.

Hopefully we can get back out there next weekend for a ride and some photos, it is awesome.

So now I am committed to racing. I probably won't race, but since I intend to always be there as support for a team of one, I may as well train up and be useful. Viva my sporting evolution.

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