Monday, June 2, 2008

down by the river

For most people Townsville is all about sea, sand and sun, but for a lot of commuters it is about the riverway. The riverway is a dedicated bike trail that allows you to ride from near the city centre all the way out to the dam, a distance of about 16 kms along the north side of the river (one way) on a dedicated bike/walking trail. Now the riverway is a nice stress free way to ride, but it is not all perfect. Sad to say but it is pretty rough going the last 5 kms or so to the dam. It has been neglected by the former council and needs upgrading. The good news is that the road is really good out that way so us need for speeders take the road anyway.

Sunday was a really lovely day, and I needed a photo to work into a banner for the new Townsville BUG site, so I ventured to the end of the street and trolled along the riverway looking fo a good photo.

As daily commutes go, this is pretty special. Even as the dry season starts to bite (the driest fall on record here) the park and raintrees along the river are green and lovely.

I wanted to get a shot with some cyclists, and didn't have to wait long. To see the artistically rendered results go to

Nice day today, not too cold or too hot, just right. Went like stink after a rest day on Sunday.

Last weeks kms are a guesstimate due to the trippy falling over on Wednesday. Probably closer to 200 than 250.

kms since I got the road bike in July = 7632. This must be recorded now because the memory was wiped when the battery came out.

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