Sunday, June 29, 2008

garden avoidance

The garden is an absolute tip, and it was (is!) the responsibility of the tree lopper dude to at least leave it tidy, if destroyed. If I stay home I'll get stuck into it, but luckily I have to bond with my new bike.

Slept in late - hey if they didn't use me at yesterdays races why would they expect me to show up again for todays? Puttered around and on the road by 9am for a bit of a bonding session. Headed to bald Rock but I chickened out at the site of last weeks crash. I was clipped on and just lost my nerve. So we made our way back home, with a few stops, home by 2pm.

Now I don't know about you, but time doesn't factor into riding for me. yes I was a bit tired, pushing mega tires is hard work. And I realised when I got home I was starving too! But I would have sworn we were gone for a couple of hours, never five. Go figure.

So I put my trusty flat pedals on the bike, tweeked the seat forward (I wasn't without tingling in the hands) and tomorrow we do the same run again. It is "Show Day" - a holiday to celebrate what was once the Agricultural Exhibition in Townsville. Right. These people have obviously never been to a real Agricultural Exhibition. I grew up going to the one in Windsor, Nova Scotia, the oldest (and best!) in North America. Humph.

Tomorrow will be better spent riding.

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More about Windsor on the Loop today .