Friday, June 13, 2008

home at last

I was away. I got on an aeroplane, a proper one, not a jetplane, and flew to another city to work my magic for 3 days in another office.
I like flying, it is nice to be above the clouds. And my destination was a bit rainy so this was a look at sunshine I wouldn't see for a few days. I don't mind being away, except I can't cycle. I could get on a stationary bicycle and 'do exercise', but that really doesn't work for me. So I ate well and drank too much good wine instead. And then I got to come home after a very delayed flight, but I am safe and sound - and it was Friday the 13th today, so I am grateful for that.
After a few days of total rest, I expect these legs to have some oomph in the morning. Come 5:30 am we'll find out.

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