Saturday, June 21, 2008

how much is enough

My legs are that tired. I am obsessed with kilometers. I have decided that 300 a week is a top effort. I have succeeded in doing 300 a week a couple of times, so now it seems I MUST do 300 every week. And it is hard. With work, and travel, and very short winter days, it is very hard. I am sitting on 243 and tomorrow is Sunday, so I have to get out there and knock over nearly sixty tomorrow. On legs that need Tiger Balm in a lot of places. Monday morning is zero no matter what. But it matters – I don’t know why. So I’ll do my best.

I am now officially training for the Paluma Push. I am determined to improve last years rock bottom time, and be braver. I am not a skilled mountain biker, I am a terrified off roader. But the country! Believe me, if you get off and walk the whole race, you have still won. Rainforest like a tunnel of cold moist darkness. Eucalypt forest like a cathedral. Cow tracks through grass tree country, the sun warm on your back and a race that is yours alone. Paradise found, and friends who cheer you across the finish like no matter how long they had to wait. It just doesn’t get any better. Thanks Steve.

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