Monday, June 16, 2008

new bike?

I am thinking of a new mountain bike. Well, my husband started it, I was just complaining about my old mountain bike when it skipped a lot of gears and spontaneously busted yet another spoke. So I get home from work and there is a nice shiny Specialized catalogue from our favorite bike shop. With pages turned down and prices negotiated. Seriously nice bikes for a seriously unskilled rider.

I should point out that my old bike is 12 months old. At most. But it is very heavy, requires you to shift two or three to get one, and keeps blowing spokes. I will be competing (har!) OK, participating in a race through some beautiful country, but self sufficiency is required, and I don’t want to have to carry a workshop on my back. And I do want to knock serious time off last years result – not quite but very near - stone, motherless last.

So I dropped around to see a bike they were assembling on Saturday which was ‘just the thing’ – and it was the wrong size. I am amazed by how few small women’s specific bikes the shops bring in. Let me explain a simple fact – the smaller a woman is, the more she needs a women’s specific bike. You cannot go wrong stocking the smallest sizes. Captive market and all that.

So I’ll go back another day and try and get a leg over a small bike. And if I don’t think it is small enough I will hold out for an extra small bike. I question the sanity of spending as much on a mountain bike as I spent on the road bike, there is no way it will get the miles. But it will get miles, and one thing the road bike has shown me is that the more you love it, the more you ride it.

I’m thinking about it… but not committed.
Oh and I forgot my kms last night. A pathetic 98! Off to the dam tomorrow.

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