Sunday, June 22, 2008

new bike!

Well I think I need a new bike now, ready or not. I went for a gentle mountain bike today, just to get used to the feel of it, nothing too technical. And I stacked it in soft sand. I was laughing as I went down, I knew I wouldn't be hurt, but a riding partner was close, and sacrificed himself to miss running over me, and the crash escalated to pretty spectacular! Blood and pain (his) and a totally bent up wheel and forks (mine). I only had a few scrapes, but my bike is really limping.

I’ll have a more serious look at the wsd mountain bikes now. I don’t know if my cheapie is worth keeping, but I like it and would keep it at my sisters so I can ride when I visit her. Poor thing, it seems I crash it whenever we hit the dirt together. So the ride was a bit shorter than planned, leaving me about 40kms short of the mythical 300km prize. Ah well.

I had planned on riding this morning during the road racing, but they needed volunteers, so I stood on a very windy corner (we are talking wind chill of 10 or less C – and I am a hothouse flower) and monitored racers instead. Races can’t happen without supporters, and I am happy to lend a hand, but struth! I was about frozen when it was over. I need a proper Canadian coat, if only for a few weeks a year!


Bluenoser said...

Dee you can never have enough bikes. The more bikes you have the more friends you can take with you.

Get the womens bike not a smaller man's bike. It will make all the difference for you.

Do the Canadian thing and join Mountain Equipment Co-op. Shop online and have it delivered.


Dee said...

I agree, lots of bikes generate lots of happiness and a wide cirle of friends.

And you will be shocked to learn I am holding out for a giant Frenchy's blowout when I come home! (that is an insider bit of Bluenoser knowledge) The bonus of being fit is you are the size everyone used to be!