Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No carbon credits for me!

I had a very NOT green day today. We decided to bite the bullet and finally get the tree loppers in. We have being talking about it for years but kept putting it off. The final straw was a bamboo that was "not as promised" and was shading a vast area, which had turned to dirt, which was riding in on the dogs daily. So today we had removed: a goodly sized mango tree, the @#$&! bamboo and had the giant and ancient Poinciana pruned well back. My yard is at the “tribute to Beirut” stage. I am shocked but I know it will come good.

So how has it come to this? Well the mango had about a dozen fruit a year for the last few years, and we live near the river where there are mangos in abundance as shade trees, so it seemed a waste of space. Then recently we visited friends who gave us a huge sack of the best navel oranges I have ever eaten from a tree in their yard, and I realized we could do better. So that mango will be replaced with 3 citrus trees (and a raised veggie patch). So maybe we are carbon even there. But we have a huge mountain of chipped tree that will be mulch all around the place, and I don’t know what that does to the atmosphere. I do know they dumped it on my favorite gingers and heliconia, and that the intense heat it generates in the next few weeks will cook the beegeebers out of them, but I am trying to remain calm.

The bamboo doesn’t rate a mention. Horticultural error, I am sorry.

The Poinciana, it is one of the reasons we bought the property, majestic as. And old. So it has been dropping branches the size of a crocodile on the footpath at odd times. We haven’t hit a pedestrian yet, but it could happen, so a big prune was in order, By the end of next wet season it should look good again – I hope.

To compound my sin I drove to work today. I must do that all of 6 times a year. And then I ran errands at lunchtime because Scott is away and we needed dog food. So then I thought ‘what the hell’ and had lunch at Maccas! Fries and all! I’ll have to do penance on the road bike tomorrow.

All in all a very un-ecological day. But I’ll be able to grow a lot more food now.

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