Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quantum shift

Last week (a week being Monday to Sunday) I cycled 300 kms. Actually, it was probably 298, but let’s not split hairs. I love to cycle. I get on my bike and I just go, and I can go a fair way. So yesterday, we needed an ingredient for dinner (chorizo – Scott was making his famous red beans and rice) and Scott suggested we get on our bikes, go about 6 kms to the shops… and I didn’t want to. “Do we need milk?” in the hopes that milk would be too heavy. “No, just chorizo.”

So why so reluctant? We would have to go on the roads that go where we need to travel, not the roads we like to travel on. And there would be cars, maybe lots of them. And they would be filled with text messaging, bicycle hating car drivers. Shudder.

We’ll take the mountain bikes. I have flat pedals on the mountain bike because my $200.00 Ritchey Pro V4 pedals seized up after one wet season. Just stopped turning in the middle of a commute. Bugger. Off we go, regular clothes, Dunlop volleys, and fear of Yobs. And it was fun! Monday was a holiday so traffic was light on. And it felt good to be sitting upright, with sneakers on my feet and a shop to visit. The bike lanes were excellent, the few drivers patient. It was all good.

Almost as good as red beans and rice.

So here is the challenge. Do you own a fabulous bike? Do you ride for recreation and fitness? Buy a cheap bike. Get on it. Do your chores. How can I possibly justify my Specialized road bike (zerts! Must have zerts!) if I will ride it 300 kms a weeks but I would drive 6km to the shops. Time for a quantum shift for all recreational cyclists. It’s not about the bike. It’s about active transport.

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