Wednesday, July 30, 2008

first century

OK, it is a metric century, but who cares about miles any more.

And if I had gone straight up instead of doodling around Townsville all day, I would have really gotten someplace. (actually, this satellite is only 65 km up, but you get my drift).

A perfect winter day, I swear I am not even sweaty! Georgeous blue skies, no wind to speak of and a day to cycle. Who wouldn't want to do a 100 km day under such conditions. I am surprised that I feel great, nothing hurts, and I would head out the door and go some more if that wasn't just obsessive/complusive.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Irreconcilable differences

I gave back the Myka. I wasn’t planning to, but I was in the bike shop the other day and the owner asked me how I was enjoying the bike, and I had to confess that I had only ridden it once and had suffered a crisis of confidence because I felt it was too big for me. “Bring it back, we want you to be happy with your bikes”. So BOAB washed it so it was perfect again and we drove it (drove it!) to the shop.

Now people ask me all the time about buying a bike, and my advice is always the same. Find a bikeshop you like and buy a bike from them. All good bikes are just that, and the prices and ranges are pretty similar, but your relationship with the proprietor and staff is priceless.

I really like three of the current bike shops, but Top Brand Cycles was the best (for me) of the lot a few years ago and I am a loyal customer. And now my loyalty will pay off with a 2009 model Specialized WSD mountain bike which Mike saw on his last industry trip and recognized as being much more my size, as in “lower to the ground”. So I am happy and relieved, because I felt really guilty about failing to bond with the new bike. Now it can go live with a taller and/or braver lady who will ride it lots, and I will refrain from tricking out the old hard tail with “utility bits” until I have a new trail rider.

A very happy 55+kms today. I wish I had more hours to ride. I could get some serious time in from 5 am til 9 I suppose, but it is so cold right now it is hard to get going. And this morning the winds were gusting to 35kms/hr and we stayed in bed. Tomorrow should be better (I hope!)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

happy holidays

Sunday already. After a gloomy week we have had some top days. Got in some good kms Friday, Saturday and today, for a weekly total of about 200 kms. Estimated only because the hardtail MTB trippy quit in the rain.

Friday I had to make a run into the city for the launch of an upcoming bicyle rally as part of our local cultural fest. gave several interviews and just enjoyed the day. It is interesting that the cultural fest organisers are including 'cycling culture' into what is normally more of an ethnic celebration. I am looking forward to promoting it and hopefully lots of familys will come and enjoy a short and gentle ride as the opening of the festival parade.

A good run for coffee Saturday, a small group as many are riding to Cairns to raise money for cancer research. And a top spin to the dam this morning. I went as hard as I could so BoaB wouldn't be bored, but I really can't cut it.

So tomorrow is a fresh, cold, sunny week of possibilities since we are both taking leave while my sister visits from the old country. And she has been warned that we intend to ride as must as possible, but we will do it early.

so to bed...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Proper winter

It is over. The rain has cleared, and the sun actually came out this afternoon. It is bad enough that winter is cold (well, relatively speaking) but when it is cold and wet the good citizens of Townsville hardly know what to do with themselves. It was still fresh, windy as anything and cloudy when I came home from work, but I was moved to take the long way home and it was really lovely. I don't recall ever seeing the Weirs running in winter. Delightful.
Angus Smith Drive has become a sea of potholes from 2 days rain. Who builds these roads and to what standards? I was on my hard tail mountain bike, so what the hey, but it was a bit un-nerving to see motorists become airborn because they absolutely had to drive the 80km/hr limit. What complete idiots. I must get onto the council about that speed limit.
And the sun broke through, as I turned towards home the wind was less in my face (it is seldom fully at my back) and it was all good. I got home with enough daylight to spare to wash the road bike and the hard tail, and clean and grease up the chains. Tomorrow should be a cold start, but a sunny day. I have to get to a meeting in the city, so I should be able to get a good total for the day.
Next week boab and I are on leave from work, and we are both wiggling our eyebrows at each other with plans to RIDE. My sister is visiting from Nova Scotia, so she gets the car and we will meet her at the tourist spots. I may even take my first run up the Paluma range... the mind boggles at the possibilities.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

backlog of blog

Right, simce July 11 I have turned 49 (ack!), managed the mythical 300kms for that week - how could you not when you are staring old age in the face, and gone to a conference and back home again.
I was at Surfer's Paradise, which is a place name that always embarasses me slightly. It is just so hokey. But it matches the place, which is basically Miami on the Coral Sea, with a bit of Vegas thrown in for good measure.
This was the view from my room more or less, I was much higher. And there was always lots of hootling of wayward clubbers ealy in the morning. I confess I hardly left the hotel. I could watch surfers from my balcony while I had a morning coffee, then I would go downstairs to the conference and get to work. By my standards it was too cold to go to the beach, and I was up WAY past my bedtime every night, so I had to sleep in the next day. Total non-cycling slug mode.

and broadband was extra and I am cheap, so no blogging.

I flew home while my dear Spouse was doing the Paluma Push. How was it? He is grateful I wasn't in it so he had one less thing to worry about. It was mud and mayhem and serious injury. But the "Sore Optimists" finished unscathed and with good times considering. Oh, and on Saturday he brought home his birthday present:A man who is turning 50 next week needs a slave to his ego, and this is it. Much sexier than a Harley or a Ferrari. Seriously. Those guys are not fooling anyone.

So it is back home and it is cool and raining! In Townsville in the dry season! I rode today because I just had to. It wasn't too bad. While I was gone the Bombax and Kapok bloomed .

There were big fleshy red blossoms on the bike path. The rain has made the leaf litter smell amazing. I saw a pair of black swans courting with a slow dance on the water. And a darter caught a frog while I passed. I had the path pretty much to myself and slowly warmed up and lost the stiffness you develop sitting around for a week. So it rained. So what. Magic.

Friday, July 11, 2008

time flies

Goodness, it has been a long while since I blogged. It is not because life has been uneventful. Au contraire. If I had any more events in my life I would spontaneously combust.

I am suffering from busy persons syndrome. If you need a job done, give it to a busy person. That is the theory. The reality is that those of us who are hard wired to be ‘pleasers’ can be driven to collapse. If it wasn’t for cycling, I would have imploded a long time ago.

But at least I have cycling. Thank GOD. When the going gets tough, the tough get on their bikes. I was so tired when I left work today I thought I would just spin home. But the more I rode, the better I felt. Thanks to my son who put a HUGE loop of techno on my ipod, I just kept the cadence going and flew home. As you do. And had the energy to do laundry, change the linen, cook dinner, drink wine, have a few laughs and blog while the blokes watch the footy.

All good.

I am sitting on 205km on Friday evening. Most disappointing, but it has been a crazy week. 100k weekend? No worries.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

back on board

I was away all week. I love being in another office, and having the space to concentrate on a project, but I am totally spent. Was so happy to fly in last night. Sleep in my own bed with my warm spouse. Get up early and ride, I wish we had kept riding - because since we got home I am too tired to ride any more.

Found out that my personal and work diaries are out of sinc, and I have double booked the Paluma Push weekend. *sigh* The cracks are showing. So I will probably stay at the conference I have to attend, and do a ride in Paluma a fews weeks later. It won't have the verve of the push, but I will book out next year now so nothing can conflict.

And I have a new soft tail to ride! DOH! Tomorrow I am sleeping in late, since I am hoping to see a fair bit of the first stage of TDF between 10 pm and 2 am. Then we take the mountain bikes and ride...