Saturday, July 5, 2008

back on board

I was away all week. I love being in another office, and having the space to concentrate on a project, but I am totally spent. Was so happy to fly in last night. Sleep in my own bed with my warm spouse. Get up early and ride, I wish we had kept riding - because since we got home I am too tired to ride any more.

Found out that my personal and work diaries are out of sinc, and I have double booked the Paluma Push weekend. *sigh* The cracks are showing. So I will probably stay at the conference I have to attend, and do a ride in Paluma a fews weeks later. It won't have the verve of the push, but I will book out next year now so nothing can conflict.

And I have a new soft tail to ride! DOH! Tomorrow I am sleeping in late, since I am hoping to see a fair bit of the first stage of TDF between 10 pm and 2 am. Then we take the mountain bikes and ride...

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