Tuesday, July 22, 2008

backlog of blog

Right, simce July 11 I have turned 49 (ack!), managed the mythical 300kms for that week - how could you not when you are staring old age in the face, and gone to a conference and back home again.
I was at Surfer's Paradise, which is a place name that always embarasses me slightly. It is just so hokey. But it matches the place, which is basically Miami on the Coral Sea, with a bit of Vegas thrown in for good measure.
This was the view from my room more or less, I was much higher. And there was always lots of hootling of wayward clubbers ealy in the morning. I confess I hardly left the hotel. I could watch surfers from my balcony while I had a morning coffee, then I would go downstairs to the conference and get to work. By my standards it was too cold to go to the beach, and I was up WAY past my bedtime every night, so I had to sleep in the next day. Total non-cycling slug mode.

and broadband was extra and I am cheap, so no blogging.

I flew home while my dear Spouse was doing the Paluma Push. How was it? He is grateful I wasn't in it so he had one less thing to worry about. It was mud and mayhem and serious injury. But the "Sore Optimists" finished unscathed and with good times considering. Oh, and on Saturday he brought home his birthday present:A man who is turning 50 next week needs a slave to his ego, and this is it. Much sexier than a Harley or a Ferrari. Seriously. Those guys are not fooling anyone.

So it is back home and it is cool and raining! In Townsville in the dry season! I rode today because I just had to. It wasn't too bad. While I was gone the Bombax and Kapok bloomed .

There were big fleshy red blossoms on the bike path. The rain has made the leaf litter smell amazing. I saw a pair of black swans courting with a slow dance on the water. And a darter caught a frog while I passed. I had the path pretty much to myself and slowly warmed up and lost the stiffness you develop sitting around for a week. So it rained. So what. Magic.


Bluenoser said...

Really nice pictures Dee. Where do yu find the time to ride those kind of kilometeres and still do all that you do??


Bluenoser said...

That should be you... I'm not into text message language.