Sunday, July 27, 2008

happy holidays

Sunday already. After a gloomy week we have had some top days. Got in some good kms Friday, Saturday and today, for a weekly total of about 200 kms. Estimated only because the hardtail MTB trippy quit in the rain.

Friday I had to make a run into the city for the launch of an upcoming bicyle rally as part of our local cultural fest. gave several interviews and just enjoyed the day. It is interesting that the cultural fest organisers are including 'cycling culture' into what is normally more of an ethnic celebration. I am looking forward to promoting it and hopefully lots of familys will come and enjoy a short and gentle ride as the opening of the festival parade.

A good run for coffee Saturday, a small group as many are riding to Cairns to raise money for cancer research. And a top spin to the dam this morning. I went as hard as I could so BoaB wouldn't be bored, but I really can't cut it.

So tomorrow is a fresh, cold, sunny week of possibilities since we are both taking leave while my sister visits from the old country. And she has been warned that we intend to ride as must as possible, but we will do it early.

so to bed...


Bluenoser said...


The Old Country??


Dee said...

Yes, that is where we are from. It is easy think of Australia as the 'new land' because it is so young. Aussie's are amazed at how old Nova Scotian settlement is.