Sunday, August 31, 2008


It has arrived, with a flick of the switch, it is Spring in the tropics and it isn't cold anymore. If Spring had been this reliable in Canada I might have stuck it out. So now I can get up and head out in my pretty cycling clothes instead of my warm ones. A plea to manufacturers of cycling wear, please make winter clothes in colours other than black. I do have a lilac winter jacket, but I am sick of wearing it all the time.

I had a pretty good week. Back at work after a 3 week absence, the previous week was difficult. I thought “thank God you are here” was a comedy sketch show. Friday was so fraught with system failure that I literally turned my back. It was supposed to be my day off, but I was at work as usual. Universities are a labour of love after all. But when it all went terribly wrong I put on my kit, filled up my water bottle, and headed out to the dam. Damn! I FLEW out to the dam. I thought I was something, record speeds falling at every milestone. Then I turned around to head back. Ahhh… the mother of all tailwinds was now a headwind. Well you get that.

But Saturdays ride was a fast one, and I stayed at the head of the group. So with the road race season officially over today I now think I am fast enough to consider racing. Keen timing.

The good news is I have til March to train my guts out. I am starting with a personal trainer tomorrow. A Uni perk is the need for volunteers to act as clients to Sports Medicine students, and this will be my second year. It is great fun and I advanced by leaps and bounds last year, so I have high hopes for this year. I am feeling keen and motivated, so I hope to get a big step up this time too.

I had a need to bond with my home today, so I didn’t do a wee ride and am at 276 for the week. Shameful really, but geeze are my drawers tidy! Women find contentment in strange places.
A note, I couldn't resist taking a shot of my Fat Cyclist jersey against the pink of spring. I don't know Susan Nelson personally, but she is in my thoughts often as I celebrate the strength with which I ride. WIN Susan.


Bluenoser said...

Al's Bike Barn jersey will go good with your yellow helmet.


Ant said...

You'll have to wear your Fat Cyclist jersey at the TDU. Are you going to ride the participation stage? I've booked in for it, and am hoping I haven't bitten off more than I can chew!

I will be wearing mine - hopefully the '09 jersey arrives before then!

Dee said...

We are still pfaffing about trying to decide what to do. Honestly, I can’t believe it, we are usually both very decisive. My big concern is the heat, I am really bad in extreme heat. We will probably opt to ride our own early rides, take the bus on 3 days to view the tour and generally soak in the atmosphere. The tour bus schedule is pretty funny, they have it leaving a venue before the riders are scheduled to arrive in one instance! But it will save stuffing around with parking, and hopefully we will see some good action.

Good luck in the challenge! And yes, we will be resplendent in out Fat Cyclist jerseys. I always wear mine when I have to do a photo shoot or TV spot for our local BUG. People must wonder...