Monday, September 29, 2008

a busy life

I expect that when bloggers go quiet the world thinks we are sleeping, if only it were so. It was a busy but fruitful week last week. I got my School at the Uni to underwrite the JCU BUG messenger bags I wanted for O-week. The final program of speakers for the (my) Spatial Sciences Institute conference end of October is coming together well, I got a commitment and date for the Australian Map Conference in March which I seem to be co-organizing in Brisbane, The APEX Awareness ride all came pretty good on Sunday, Ride to work day is getting there with registrations and prizes….and I did a heap of cartography too!

People exclaim “you are so busy!” to which I can only reply “well if I wasn’t, I’d be looking for something to do.”

Speaking of busy people, one of our brightest and best left JCU Friday. There was a nice send off, with gifts. Carl started the JCU BUG before cycling was fashionable, and has had many successes as an advocate for cycling. Now that cycling is very much on the radar and it is all too easy he has passed the baton to me! So thanks for the BUG Carl. I will nurture it and do all I can, but you are the one who did all the hard yards.
Carl wouldn’t be caught dead in lycra, so there was much mirth at the gift giving.

I slid into the weekend a bit weary, what with my enthusiastic trainer and my own manic agenda, but I learned to take it easy. Saturday morning we headed out as usual for the coffee run, BoaB flatted, so ‘us girls’ did a slow spin along the route knowing the boys would catch us. Catch us! They blew by, I stood up and stuck on, then …. Nothing. I could hardly make my legs go around. So I rolled up a few minutes later. I am starting to learn my body’s limits. I can’t be superwoman every day, well, not this week.

The usual Coffee Shop is engaged in my favorite pastime - civil disobedience! They asked the City Council a while back for bike racks, but they were knocked back. So the owner has purchased these beaut racks which appear about 6:30 am and have vanished by 9:00. What a great guy, he has won our loyal trade, which is a good thing because a rival “big chain” coffee shop is going to open up next door to his independent one. I will stick with my usual thanks.

And here is a shot for my sister. Sorry Carol, facebook seems to be broken for now, but I will try later. Here is Rusty helping in the marigod bed, which has really come on and should see the end n the nematodes. Can you believe how big the grass is already, good thing it is in a pot!
So after a weekend of gardening, scrubbing walls, packing up books for the new bookcases, cooking, cleaning - I took a full rest day today. My poor sad bike hung on a rack all day, oiled up and ready to go, but going nowhere.

It is almost impossible for me to take a full rest day, but I did today. I'll be better for it tomorrow. And so happy to be back on my bike.

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