Wednesday, September 17, 2008

compression everything

I had my first gym session with the personal trainer/sports medicine student today. Holy crap. I am less lame than I expected, but if I had a compression body suit I would be wearing it. Nice to know that there are some young people who don't take one look at grey hair and think "we'll have to go easy here".

So I have had two top rides to the dam this week (my 50 k loop), the usual 30km commute and an hour with a personal drill sergeant. After the weekends big ride I am content. It looks like the training will be cutting into my cycle time, so I will have to give away the 300km weeks for a while. But I know the gym is harder. I have negotiated a long cycle day on Tuesdays, so I will do all I am able that day and the weekends.

As of today I find myself the President of my University BUG, so look out world. It is all happening.

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Bluenoser said...

All along I thought you were blonde.