Thursday, September 11, 2008

cycling fit

So I had my physical assessment done today, as the beginning of my 6 week odyssey with a Sports Medicine student. She is so young and fit and keen that she makes me keen too to do my best for her.

I had to get a lift to work in the CAR this morning because a combination of meetings meant I had to leave my bike at the office, so I arrive at the uni in a disoriented state but really early to accommodate my spouse’s schedule. No worries, I have lots to do.

I arrive for my 8:30 assessment and away we go. Fill out forms, get weighed and measured, BMI calculated (I am in awesome shape for an old fart). Then the TEST. On the bike, a stationary bike, but a BIKE. My trainer is writing notes, getting her gear ready, and I am wearing a heart monitor. So I just sit on the bike for a minute or two while we get ready, and my heart rate climbs from 60 to almost 100. Just the excitement – the anticipation of making the pedals go round. I can feel my heart beating, my legs are quivering. What is this disease called cycling?

Did I pass or fail? I failed to get my heart rate over 140. So I passed the very fit test I suppose. I start training on Wednesday. I will try not to attack too hard too soon, but I am keen as.

Off to the Whitsundays tomorrow for a well earned cycling party. There will be hills, and incredible beaches, and lots of wine and good friends. I promise pictures.

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