Wednesday, September 3, 2008

defining normal

I had a normal day today. Well for most people. I had so much to do in so little time ( buy morning tea for the office, get it there, do a mound of work, arrange to have morning tea laid on because you are teaching, attend a meeting…) you get the drill. So I drove a car to work today.

When you get to the office at 7:30 there are lots of free spaces, but everyone complains there are not enough because they come later. There are actually more parking spaces than cars at the uni, but many are not paved, and they are a bit of a walk, so they sit empty all day, while drivers grouse that we need to build more – paved – parking spaces, nearer the buildings (where there are currently trees).

So I went to work and did all I could and at 4:00 I was knackered (that is Aussie for really tired). Now I don’t usually get tired no matter how long I work because I have cycled 40 minutes to an hour and a half before I start, but I didn’t do that today, so I was knackered at 4:00. So I packed it up and left. And there was as close to gridlock as you get in the big country town called Townsville because HEAPS of people are leaving at 4:00, although I didn’t see anybody else arriving at 7:30 so go figure.

So I drove in traffic and did the rat run through back streets to avoid the lights (as you do) and got home really early for me and watered the garden and it was good. But it wasn’t really normal. I simply cannot understand why people think I am odd because I choose active transport over one car/one person.

I didn’t have one ‘g’day’ all day. No commuter interaction. I wonder if the guy who walks two amazingly well trained sheep dogs missed me. Or the girl who burns along on her mountain bike and always gives me a big grin – did she wonder why I wasn’t there? And the nice couple who stroll every evening, and never respond when I say “good evening” – was tonight the night? I’ll be glad to get normal tomorrow.

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