Monday, September 8, 2008

nothin' goin' on

Fatty tells us that you shouldn't blog if there is nothing to blog about but really, if you read blogs you will find that many of the most elegant blogs are blogs about nothing. At least I have accomplished the "don't blog too often" criteria.

Life, if you are lucky, is pretty dull. And that is a good thing. When I get the chance I intend to take some pictures of the garden and post them for my sister, who recently visited and will be startled and amazed at how the citrus she planted has come on. How some seeds sprinkled on dirt have turned into a garden of marigolds in 4 weeks. This is the stuff of life and is nothing, but worth blogging about.

I enjoy reading about other people loving being cyclists. Cycling culture is an involving thing. It is liberation from the ordinary. An alternate lifestyle that rewards your misbehaviour (have another helping of pasta) with steely muscles and a slim profile. It is more than transport, transends recreation, brushes addiction.

I am ... because I cycle


Reflector Collector said...

some of the best bike we are those with no plan and no destination in mind. Some of the best posts that I have read are about nothing. More original thoughts about nothing are inspired by riding

Dee said...

Thanks mate! I am moved by a comment from a favorite blogger. Isn't it nice that we live in a small and connected world. Enjoy the fall, I hope Indian summer blesses you with the best of Autumn.