Monday, September 15, 2008

Paradise lost

Well we had a top weekend of cycling, eating, drinking, drinking, oh and we cycled too. All in support of a couple of dear friends competing in the Whitsundays triathlon. Now the Whitsundays are famous for their beauty, and I was looking forward to the weekend. The drive south was really interesting. As a geographic/botanic enthusiast I saw fabulous landscapes and plant communities that were a revelation. And I was surprised as we turned towards the coast and Airlie Beach that rainforest was evident.
Then I was horrified by Airile Beach. In much the same way as I was taken aback by my first and only vist to Old Orchard beach in Maine. I can forgive the Americans for developing the hell out of Old Orchard, because it happened from the 20’s, when we didn’t know any better, but they are rampantly developing Airlie NOW. But there were good bits too. Signs like this made the Saturday 50+ loop very nice. The drivers were the most courteous I have met in Queensland. There was a lot of very scary truck traffic, I may have screamed once or twice, but the ride was excellent. I was as fast as I have ever been. I have a problem with my rear wheel, so I was running on the wheels that came with BoaB’s Specialized Tarmac. Well! I won’t be giving those back without a fight! Lovely rolling country, I am better at hills than I expected.The locals were very cute, the ocean was the most amazing colour, and we all cycled well, arrived safe, and enjoyed each others company. Here are Boab and be glad to be alive after a run down the highway. Notice the "please don't kill me" vest I am wearing despite the heat.

Don't have the results of the race yet, but I suspect Viv placed very well, and Kaye wasn't too shabby either. I am not going to become a triathlete, but enjoying the race festival I can appreciate the community it provides. Good thing I swim like a stone.

So now we are home and I have been too busy cooking to blog. We drove home through Bowen, which is a centre for tomatoes, peppers and other produce. I couldn't resist some big boxes of tomatoes, peppers, bags of zuccini and eggplant. So I am in a Canadian style thrall of chopping, cooking and freezing the harvest. Summer is coming, and food actually gets expensive then, but I am ready with Spring's bounty. It takes some getting used to, this topsy turvy Aussie life, but it is good.

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