Wednesday, October 1, 2008


When I turned forty I made a pact with myself. I would no longer suffer fools, and I would no longer wait for others to do what I thought was needful. Well I turned forty a long time ago, and so I am getting really good at being a bitch (that would be the not suffering fools bit) and being an advocate.

The bitchy part is actually fun, because in my heart I am a nice and helpful person, but honestly, some people just need a slap and some good advice (not necessarily in that order). The Advocacy part is hard, because it requires work and commitment, and you can’t control the wins and losses, you can only hope to influence.

So today I spammed all the cyclists I can spam (and it is a fair few) to please submit comment to a proposed redevelopment of our CBD that must have been drafted by a one eyed troll who has been living in a burnt out Hummer in the rainforest. Yes we have Hummers in our rainforests, but that is another story.

They want to ‘redevelop’ a mall, closed to traffic, with your basic two way traffic, flowing past parallel parking. This would allow cyclists to be simultaneously crowded, yelled at and doored, where once they just had to dodge surly drunks.

And of course I drafted and submitted my own comment, because you really must have a say. I also asked to join the community consultation group. Sometimes I wonder about the time warp that is Queensland. I swear this looks like city planning in the early 70’s. What on earth are they teaching planners (my office is next to the director of planning, I must ask him).

But I remain hopeful, because hope, for me, springs eternal.

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