Thursday, October 9, 2008

breakin the rules

The Fat Cyclist (who, of course, I revere) said recently that you should never blog about other blogs. And I wouldn’t usually, but today Nicole (my trainer) asked me “if I could meet anyone, who would it be” We were in the gym, and morning TV had just dissected the life of some celebrity, so I suppose I was supposed to come up with a suitably famous person, but I don’t watch TV much, and I don’t do movies. So the people of influence in my sheltered life are bloggers.

I said “that’s a hard one, and you wouldn’t want to waste that wish on just anybody”. It would have to be somebody who, if you found yourself next to them on a flight from Sydney to Vancouver, wouldn’t bore the shit out of you. I had a think. I figure I will actually get to meet Bluenoser in NS next year, so he is covered. I don’t know if I could hold up my end of the conversation with someone as fabulously intellectual as Bikesnob. I chose the Large Fella on a bike, because I admire him for his cycling passion.

Now you are supposed to admire the Large Fella because he has lost an incredible amount of weight, and I do. But along his difficult journey he found cycling to be his hearts delight, and he found out that he is much stronger, physically, than he thought, and he has pursued that journey to fitness and strength with such vigor and amazement.

Even though I am a ‘Small Woman on a Bike’ I really relate to his journey, because I have discovered that I have unsuspected physical strength through my passion for cycling, and we have been ‘serious’ about cycling for a similar time. But his journey has been way more amazing than mine.

I also admire that he has given up the car. We have talked about it, we are thinking of it, but I just don’t know if we can do it. I figure our current car (a 2000 model, bought new) will have to die to force the transition. But I am seriously moved by the beauty of the Surly Big Dummy.

So here is to one of my blogging heroes, and his lovely family. I am sorry things are not easy for them right now, and I wish them well, and future happiness.

Keep ridin’ - Always

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Bluenoser said...

I thought I sent a reply this am but I don't see anything. It could be the dreaded time zone hole where replies are erased because they are received before they are sent.

Or something like that.