Thursday, October 9, 2008

goin’ OK

Had a cycling session with my sports medicine student this morning. We agreed to start at 6:50, and I phaffed about this morning and left late and had to go like stink to be on time. I made it one minute late and we got started. A nice stretching session, then helmet back on and a time trial around the uni loop. 3 km exactly (well close enough) with an elevation change of about 8 – 10 metres from top to bottom. I really must check my topo data tomorrow.

Anyway, off I go and I am feeling pretty good. Nice and fast (broke 40) past my building, but I have used all my gears and I should be able to go faster than that. Up to the top of the loop and around for the long ‘decent’ to the finish, slowing steadily cause my legs have had it. Then a spin lap to recover. Nearly 10 seconds off my PB, not too bad.

Summer is settling in and it is warm in the mornings, really humid already. The dehumidifier in the map library is working like mad, I need to empty it twice a day now, later it will need a visit at lunch time too.

Ride to Work Day is a National event, and I am coordinating the University as a participant. A good roll up to yesterdays final prep meeting, hopefully enough volunteers. We are doing demos of basic bike maintenance. I expect to get through a big bottle of chain lube, you can hear most bikes on campus before you can see them.

Should be a fun day.


Bluenoser said...

It's so weird reading a post from 09 when it's still 08 here.


Dee said...

It’s even weirder to write it at 8 in the evening and have it post around midnight, yesterday. I didn’t notice the year. It isn’t my computer, I swear it knows where it is in space and time. And you would think that a more accurate date for Townsville would be around 1971.