Sunday, November 9, 2008

Big weekend

It was a big week, but the weekend was huge. Boab has the details up, so I can just get to the photos and stuff. Saturday was our usual early start for a coffee, then we rode home for hats and sunscreen, the back to the Strand for the big Nick Gate's race day. It was a beautiful day, summer has come on and it is bloomin' hot.

The guys were feeling the heat but it didn't seem to slow them down much, they set a good pace for the whole race. They got redder in the face as time went on, and a few dropped out. I had a hard time getting decent shots, so I took a bunch of short videos and I have yet to figure out how to frame grab from them, so here is a basic shot.
More later when I have a chance. It has been my experience that whenever I figure out a new thing, like grabbing frames, someone will come to me at work days after I have solved the problem and ask me to help them with the same problem, then be moved by my genius when I quickly and easily do so. So I will figure it out at the office so any new software is waiting there in anticipation. Anyhow, after the race there was a huge scrum at the finish line. BoaB was keen on getting his new fat Cyclist jersey some exposure with the celebs, so I reluctantly made my way into the worst of it. I have a small persons discomfort with close crowds, since I am who they usually stomp on.I didn't like our chances, but the big name riders were just super nice to all us star struck tragics, and I think they liked seeing a few people who actually rode in the heat to share the race experience.

Nick Gates, perennial domestique and all round super nice guy. Cycling is a team sport, there are no heros on the podium without heros along the course to take on the work. BoaB now has a jersey just like Nick's, but it may be harder for Nick to get one just like BoaB's. You can see the full roster of fame on Boab's blog about who was in attendance, but OMG!:

Cadel Evans, and his very pretty wife! Then she noticed the Fat Cyclist jersey and liked it, said she should get one for her father. Then Cadel noticed my bike and conversation about WSD ensued! I don't like snapping pictures of famous people much, I feel like I am taking a piece of their soul, but this was an invited one.

I am thrilled to death, which is why I am practically clutching my heart. Sorry I covered up the logo Fatty! So that was my big moment. We cycled back home after some more photos, for a respectable 70km or so day, sunburn kept to a minimum with heavy duty sun block.

Then we had to do some chores, scrub up, I had to get my hair done and out we went to the black tie dinner with all the luminaries. What a blast. I thought after the auction they would all skulk away, but the dance floor was filled with cyclings best boogie dancers (go BoaB!) including all the big guns and their partners. They looked to be having as much fun as the rest of us, maybe more. What a top time.

To more mundane things, I am nearly done putting my bike back the way it was. The new fit out/kit out has failed, back to square one. Hoping for a decent week, I am aiming for my first 300km in a while, and I promise to go to the gym twice too. I forgot to suck in my gut in that picture with Cadel, but I still look OK!!

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Bluenoser said...

Wow. And Robby too I understand. He's the guy I'd like to meet.