Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Changes to the ordinary

So I had my physical assessment today, after 25 hours of training over 5-6 weeks (I forget, seems like forever really). I am feeling a bit fat today, and this was proven by the 1 cm gain in my waist and hips. Hmmm. Luckily I am, after all, a woman, and we have tidal changes that rival Halls Harbour, so don’t panic yet.

Thigh measurement= bigger, biceps, I didn’t take note. Weight, up a kilo (154). % body fat, down over 1% - now we are talking! Endurance on the stationary bike, way better! Up to the maximum setting for resistance the students are allowed to use for females, and I just edged over 140 in 7 minutes at 60 rpm. Sweet.

So I am measurably stronger, fitter and , in theory, leaner. I figure I have grown a pot due to lack of mileage, but now I will have time to ramp that back up (174 kms last week, pathetic). So off to the dam tomorrow before work, and try not to eat every hour on the hour all day.

There is a trick to the bike ride tomorrow though. I went to the bike shop this morning, and got refitted on the bike. Big changes, new harder and narrower seat, set lower and further back, and the cleats on my shoes have been moved forward. It doesn’t feel like my bike anymore, so we need to re-bond tomorrow. I hope we do, I love that bike and I want to feel the magic we once had, but which has been lost to poor seat set-up and dead hands as a result. It used to be magic.

So I rode home on a new seat, in shorts, no nix, and it was a bit uncomfortable! BoaB had dropped into the shop (as you do) and paid my bill, so when I got there is was just ‘here you go and let us know what you think’. How much was the seat I asked BoaB. Not cheap he replied. Ah well, I don’t much care. Our last car payment was in 2003 or 4, and I will never want a car of my own again. Seats cost nothing really. A few tanks of gas? Rego? Insurance? Nothing.

So tomorrow will be an ordinary day, but with a difference. Hope it is a good one.

Oh, and the Melbourne cup? I foolishly gambled my 3 dollars bus money on horses which may still be out wandering the back 40, so I had to dig deep in forgotten corners for loose change in order to get to the bike shop. there is a lesson there I am sure...

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Bluenoser said...

Hey Dee, Al said to tell you to get in touch with him if you want a Bike Barn jersey. He's running out of some of the more popular sizes. He'll save one for you.