Friday, November 28, 2008

Enough with the rain already

Nature defeated us today, no bike riding so far. Here is what 130+ mm of rain looks like on a map:

map Here is what it looks like in your yard:


I just planted up the garden to the right, I hope things don't float out of the ground. And I hope some native plants like a good soaking once in awhile.

As I write it is after lunch, has stopped raining and is fairly cool (around 28 C). I am resisting riding though because parts of the bikeway will be flooded, and the roads are full of debris and drivers of cars who have no notion of 'driving to conditions'. There are always lots of fender benders when the roads are wet, and cyclists don't get to just walk away usually, so I am staying right out of it. I swear if it ever snowed in Queensland there wouldn't be a driver left alive, they just have no idea of how to ease up when the going gets slippery.

More of this in the forecast, and it isn't really the wet season yet!

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