Thursday, November 20, 2008

i been busy

The burden of having a blog is keeping up with the posts when you are busy.

Actually, I have been more than busy. First I was busy, then I was nearly killed by food poisoning thanks to the caterers for the Postgraduate Research Conference – merci to Annabel’s CafĂ© in Annandale. Then, before I had a chance to recover from the kind of illness that renders you afraid to eat food that has been so much as peeled by a stranger, I had to get on an airplane and fly to Canberra.

Thank goodness I took BoaB with me to Canberra. It was a combination cycling and conference sort of trip. Sunday, I figured I had done really well to have survived the journey, and that was sufficient. Monday we decided to try a bit of cycling. I was decidedly off colour when we rolled, but the more we cycled the better I felt, so we stayed out all day. I have finally managed to get my set up back to something approaching comfortable so I really enjoyed the kms. Then I thought my seat was tilted a bit funny, then I thought it was loose, so we stopped to check it. I had lost the front bolt and the cylinder thing it screws into, so the front of my seat was basically floating free. Off we go to one of Canberra’s excellent bicycle shops and they did a temporary fix, but the part is a bit unique and it is not easy to put right. Back we go to the scene of the failure and many kms of bike path are combed. We finally found the bolt (easy to replace) but no sign of the cylinder thing. Doh. But at least we had a great day.

It was cool, maximum of 23 or so. This is a great treat for those of us who are already in the full heat of summer. I got a proper cyclists sunburn, with those sleeve marks that will last a year at least. I looked a bit naff in the fancy cap sleeved cocktail dress at the Spatial Excellence awards dinner, but I didn’t care. Just glad to be back to health and cycling.

No I didn’t win the national award. The lady who did was just super, we sat next to each other at dinner, and I would rather she had it anyway. Now I can relax, because really, how do you top winning the national award? What would I be expected to do next? This was a win for the status quo, and that is better for me. And congratulations to my old friend Mark Carniello who FINALLY had his emergency management GIS/web2 application win some recognition, but a couple of years too late!

The conference was excellent. Very top drawer stuff. I really enjoyed Ed Parsons’ talk. I have followed his blog for a fair while, and his view of the geospatial universe is exciting and inspiring. I also read blogs that disagree with Ed, and that makes the whole universe a more balanced place. I now have a lot of information to process, it was that sort of event. Current policy, innovation and future trends. It will take a few hundred kms to come up with a summary document.

Back up to Townsville today. You want hot, I’ll give you hot. Big build up this evening, but the thunderstorms have swept south of us, so we just stew in the humidity. 33 tomorrow, high humidity. I better get to bed, because cycling will have to be done really early, or not at all.


Bluenoser said...

Just as well dee. You would have had to follow the award up by writing a book. And that would have eaten up serious cycling time.


Dee said...

I am no writer, that is why I will always remain a technical officer, and never stray to the academic side. I just like to make maps.