Sunday, November 2, 2008

peaceful weekend

I am nearly at the end of my training, and suffering from a pretty classic case of over training. The weather is perfect for sitting around though, windy and cool in the house, it would be windy as hell cycling.

Since I cycle all the time I am over feeling guilty if I have to take a few days off. My legs were sending me warning messages all Friday evening as I stood around at a party. Cramps, aches, tiredness… Saturday they were actually swollen a bit. Thank heavens it isn’t too hot yet for compression tights, they are a wonder. BoaB rolled early this morning on a long run (around 100km) but I don’t think I am up for that yet. I think I am stronger than I was 6 weeks ago, but the gym time has eaten into my cycling time so I am going to have to rebuild endurance over the next few weeks.

I finally managed to arrange things so I could get to the dam on Thursday. I struggled a bit, but it was worth it to fly up the wall at the end. Easiest ever, even with my gears completely out of sorts. I need to have a bike service pretty badly.

It isn't that my bike isn't well maintained, quite the opposite. For you girls who wonder what love looks like after 27 years of marrage, here is BoaB, doing a pro wash and lube on a weekend afternoon. My bike just has a lot of wear and tear, the roads are rough and the miles are many.
I have my seat out of kilter so it isn’t comfy and I can’t seem to fix it, and my gears are a mess. I will take my baby in on Tuesday for a fix up, I guess I am doomed to a bus trip to the Uni. At least I work at a ‘major destination’ that has lots of buses running to it.

Tuesday afternoon is my final physical assessment. Always interesting those things, worth giving up the Melbourne Cup for! I don’t expect the big gains I saw last year because I started out much fitter than last year, so we will see. It is all in good fun and the spirit of supporting students.

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