Thursday, November 27, 2008

the perfect holiday

Those of us who are privileged to have a job that lets us travel and feed our minds, renew our energy and feed our passion have a funny take on holidays. Most people take a holiday and a trip, the two go together. Me and BoaB are taking a holiday and going nowhere, because we both like to be home together, but we don’t get enough time to do that.

So since we came back from Canberra last week, we have been getting up every day at 4:00 – 4:30, rolling out the door by 5:00 and getting home by 9:00. I have had to go to the uni a couple of times so I have gotten some extra mileage, but being on the road after 9 is hot as hell.

The perfect holiday. Ride, eat, sleep, repeat. I don’t usually roll so early, but this weather demands it. BoaB does it almost every day, and I honestly don’t know how he stays awake at work. I hit a wall by around 11am, and HAVE to have a nap, even if it is just 15 minutes of profound loss of consciousness. I am hoping for some serious kilometres this week, aiming for 400. This would be easy in winter, but in summer it is just so hard to beat the heat and squeeze those kms into a time before heat becomes an enemy to your poor body. And don’t think you can just roll after dark in the evening because it is still really hot right now – 7:30 in the evening, and we are actually using the air-conditioning. It is so humid that you drench with sweat from anything – I was dripping from making a stir-fry and BoaB took pity on me and closed up the house, flanged on the air con.

We are a bit Greenish, and don’t like to use it if we don’t have to, but gee it is nice to not be dripping on my keyboard right now. We can rely on the excellent construction of the house and sea breezes a lot, but when they fail it is nice to have an alternative. We have solar hot water and grow veggies as a salve to guilt. It is also really weird to have the house closed up. We are so used to life without barriers to the outside, all the french doors flung wide to passing butterflies and the shrieks of night creatures.

Tomorrow is the last week day of the holiday routine. We’ll ride around 45kms, including a spin along the seaside to Pallarenda before a coffee with friends, then doodle home for around a 55 total. If I go to the Uni (and I really shouldn’t) I will spin up 80. I am on track for the 400 by Sunday arvo. My legs are some tired though.

Had fantastic thunder storms today. I was still out and about of course, I went to Uni to visit my bank there. It started really bucketing and thundering while I was there, so I went to the gym for a half hour or so and managed to catch a clear run home, with another major storm almost as soon as I was safe of the verandah. So I have big plans for tomorrow, but mother nature may have big plans too. We’ll take it as it comes.

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Bluenoser said...

There you said it, the word Hell and mentioning where you live in the same post.

Just me being envious. Enjoy the rest of your time off you two.