Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bouquets, no brickbats

I would like to offer my humble thanks to the parks staff of Townsville for their kindness. By the time I managed to find a crack in the day to phone about the bikeway they had already organized a bobcat to fix up the trouble spots, and cheerfully took on my request to do a few more after yesterdays near disaster. I am so lucky to live where people are so genuine and hard working. I may have to start traveling with chocolates or something so I can hand out treats on my way to work.

A lovely day today, private schools are finished and already the roads have half the traffic. I don’t know why Australians feel they must drive their kids to school, but they obviously do. I was a neglectful parent who expected my latch key kid to cycle home at the end of the day and be cared for by dogs. He is a man now, but a gentleman who can have a conversation with a dog. I am very proud of him.

Another day, another roll to the dam tomorrow. Life passes too quickly when I am on my bike, I swear it takes 10 minutes to go to the dam (it actually takes me 40). It is just so nice to have the time to centre, to think, and to make the effort to turn the cranks in a perfect rhythm. My universe contracts to a point in space and time.

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