Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing day

Some people have to make an effort to observe special “no shopping days” but it was very easy for me to ignore Boxing Day. We don’t need anything, so why would we go shopping? So this is what we did. We went for an early ride - well good heaven's, what a surprise I hear you exclaim.
When we got home Scott skyped his brother and we had an excellent 'catch up'. Honestly, I can't believe we didn't start doing this sooner. I have been on Skype for ages, but Chris is a nerd too!
Then we ate turkey sandwiches, because as good as turkey dinner is, turkey sandwiches are better. Then we both spent time on the computer. I read one of my favorite blogs "garden rant" and since it is a surprisingly mild day (that means coolish in the tropics, not warmish) I headed out into the garden. Carol, I know you are out there, what do I do with this grass? It is flopping all over the place and not looking great. Can I cut it all off and hope for the best?

Here is a garden success, this silver cascading thingo is tough as old boots, it gets full sun and never cooks, which is more than you can say for the bromeliad which follows:

It has a lovely bloom, but alas it has seen the sun and cooked its leaves. 

Look! We got the new garden beds! I changed my mind and had custom made round ones manufactured, because I am a fuss pot and I like round things in the garden. We are currently using them as giant compost bins because there is a ton of pruning getting done and they need filling. Veggie planting has to wait til Easter anyway, it is too hot for most things to do well anyway.
Meanwhile the old veggie patch is carrying on with herbs and such

When the world is destroyed by whatever you imagine, imagine a world covered in nut grass. This garden has whole newspapers, thick ones, shingled over the soil, topped with cms of bark, and yet nutgrass endures. You kind of have to respect that. 
But we still get lots of eggplant and the sweetest pineapples you have ever tasted.

These are pineapple tops given to me by a local who sells them already topped from the back of his truck. He let me load up on tops one Saturday morning, and now a year+ later, we have the real deal happening in our own garden. As soon as these blush yellow we will bring them in, then they sit on the counter until the smell makes you salivate, then you eat them. 
So here is to a day of deep relaxation. Riding, eating, weeding, raking, planting, blogging. Why would anyone go shopping?

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