Saturday, December 20, 2008

christmas? what christmas?

A big difficultyA big difficulty being from Canada and living in tropical north Queensland is recognizing that it is Christmas. I am hard wired to start shopping after the first snowfall, and so I really haven’t given Christmas much thought yet. I suppose I should get the tree up tomorrow (a fake one of course). I suppose my family will require a few presents. Meh.

At least we ordered the turkey (turkey is not a given here) so dinner is covered. We have several cases of wine and champagne in case there is a cyclone or something ; )

Tomorrow we MIGHT be lucky and get the air conditioning fixed, or there may be a delay for parts, the alignment of the planets or whatever. I actually spent so much time ironing today that I have a sore patch on my palm. It was the only activity I could justify performing in the TV room (watching TV never occurred to me), which has a box airconditioner which actually works well. The dogs were very relieved to keep me company. And we all have lots of smooth stuff.

A splendid cycling week, I am sitting pretty on 298 kms for the week, and I intend to have a good ride tomorrow, so 350 is a possibility. It is really lovely in the early morning, so I am enjoying the kms. My bike fit is not such a problem – I just kept raising my seat a bit, riding, adjusting, now I can do 50+ kms and not give my ass or hands or back a thought, and that is a very nice thing.

Work next week should be social and mildly productive. We all need a break, it has been a hard year in the University sector, and our hearts are filled with hope as the current government starts to tip a bit of cash into an industry? Infrastructure? which has been starved almost to death in the last decade. 

Interesting times ahead, fasten your seatbelt, hang on, we’ll get there. 

So we will hopefully make Christmas bloom with a ride to enjoy the lights. There are some neighbourhoods which go all out and a cycle with friends to take in the sights, have so champagne and get in the mood for the big day should be good. Tropical Christmas, difficult, but possible.


Groover said...

That is exactly how I feel, too. No snow? 32C? Can't be Christmas. Hahaha.

Just found your blog and was trying to figure out where in FNQ you are. I lived in Cairns for five years before we moved to Brissy four years ago. Nice blog!

Dee said...

I am in Townsville, hence the "no hills". It is actually quite nice today, a decent breeze to counter the bright sun, and we have a proper house - a highset queenslander, so even though there seems to be no hope for the air conditioner we are quite comfy. After talking with all my rellies earlier I am glad I am not dealing with snow and slush, although the lobster supper they were tucking into would be worth suffering for.