Monday, December 8, 2008


I have been married for a really long time to a really nice guy. We have always traveled a lot for work (him especially), so it is no surprise to find myself home without my best friend, and a bit bored. We had a huge thunderstorm about 4 am to 6 am and everything flooded (again), but with only one driver at home at least the logistics of getting to work sans bike was easy to work out.

Since I got home I got supper in the oven (if I don’t feel like cooking I make things in the oven), tidied around the place, felt the laundry on the line under the house (damp) and washed out the fridge out the back. With a toothbrush to get the fiddly bits. This is what happens when you have nobody to engage in debates about politics, global finances (and my crashing super fund) and the usual stuff of life.

We watched a television program a few weeks ago where a current Australian artist – Bill Leak – was painting a deceased Australian artist, Pro Hart. In an interview with his wife she revealed they had never spent a night apart, and BoaB and I both exclaimed “LUCKEEE!” at the same time. Well that pretty much sums up our relationship. Through years of oil rigs, fire fighting, study, conferences, teaching, volunteering, sports, there has always been home, and each other. Thank goodness we can cycle together.

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