Sunday, December 28, 2008

end of year

A new year beckons
We are doing a lot of tidying, it must be a desire to start the new year with a clean slate. The bikes are clean and well oiled. The car is clean and still has a busted airconditioner. The house is pretty clean and still has a busted airconditioner and dishwasher. The fish tank is schmicko and replanted. The guest room is vacuumed and scrubbed and waiting for the next flood, or guests, whichever arrives first.

I have downloaded and updated some spreadsheets to keep track of my 2009 mileage.  I am pleased to report that I managed 1000 kms in December, which is awesome for me and doubly so since I was away for a full working week. Still a couple of days to go too, so - sweet!

It is hot and sticky, so most of the day has been spent sitting in front of the fan, using the computer. I have researched crop rotation through 3 beds. Usually you need 4 beds, but we don’t (can’t) grow Umbelliffers - Potatoes, carrots, parsnips, swedes, celeriac, turnips , so we can get away with 3 beds. Also, summer is a fallow season pretty much, and we can do a planting of legumes/green manure in two of the three then. An Australian seed company has a special tropical green manure mix I am going to order right away, so we need to get some soil in and get stuck into it. 

Storms are building – hence the heat and humidity. I suspect the early morning will be wet and wild with thunder, but if not we will ride. Nature gets to choose, we’ll go with the flow.

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Bluenoser said...

Happy New Year Dee.