Wednesday, December 10, 2008

wet season

I like the wet season, but there are some downsides. The bikeway is a mess. I nearly lost control coming home because two oncoming mountain bike riders forced me to hold my line into a patch of inch deep soft sand. I guess they don't know that a road bike is a different beast altogether. I let out a yell as I fought to stay upright, and to my amazement I did stay upright. I was uber cautious for the rest of the ride. There is a lot of sediment washed onto the bikeway in several places. I stopped and got a number to call from one of the friendly council workers, so I will be on them tomorrow.

It is nice to be settling back into something approaching a normal routine. I am getting more rainmanish as time passes, and I just want to ride my daily route and listen to my ipod. I have had bike setup issues lately, and it is good to be able to make an adjustment, do the usual commute, feel the result and plan the next adjustment.

A decent run to the dam before work. Yes it is hot (I think it was 28 when I left at 7am) but I quite like it. I do have to drink more, and remind myself to drink all day too. Soon school will be out and the bikeways and roads will be more quiet. Summer bliss.


Bluenoser said...


Your first taste of cyclocross. Also was BoaB on the offshore rigs in the early eighties??


Dee said...

For anyone reading the comments, a conversation ensued by email today and yes BoaB worked on the Rowan Juneau from 1980-1987 off Sable Island, and yes they both know Ricky Pelham, and probably a lot of other people too. Beer will be drunk and the past dissected when we cycle Nova Scotia in 2009.

As for my close encounter with cyclocross, I am not the type. My brain has engaged with cycling, but my body is way behind.