Monday, January 12, 2009

adverse conditions

Cyclists are slightly mad, which is why I headed out as usual for a ride to work this morning. It was raining, but not too hard, and I took my utility mountain bike with christmas panniers on board so I could pack some serious groceries to work. I made it for 10km, then I got a flat, and realized I was packing a pump and no spare tube. Doh. So hike a heavy bike 5 kms to the office in the rain. I suppose some would grouse but I actually enjoyed it. It was a great stretch for my legs, and in the current cyclonic conditions I was glad to have my feet on the ground. Winds were 'challenging'.

The rain built in from the north and by 10 am we were all looking out the window and speculating what time the road past Nursing Science would go under (the main way out). It was dark and the rain got to the point it looked like snow, a complete white out. Boab came and rescued me and my bike around 3:30 pm, the creek at Nursing Science was just cresting the road.

So now we are snug and secure in a closed up house while the rain pelts down. We are cold, the temperature has fallen to 20 celcius. I am not used to having the french doors closed and it is odd, the acoustics are weird. The rain is loud on the iron roof.

Today is the first day of my new diet. I am as slim as I want to be, but my wretched cholesterol has crept up to near 7 again, despite my fantastic physical condition. I am just gutted. I can't cut fat like I used to, I need fat to perform, so I have read up on diets for athletes. The Australian Institute of Sport site has some excellent advice. So I am cutting the red meat, killing off some bad habits and giving up cheese, and that really hurts. We'll see how I go over the next 6 months. Bummer!

Last weeks total - 283 kms

This week is looking grim as we have a big tropical low and flooding.


Bluenoser said...

Hi Dee,

Sorry to hear about the rain and wind. We just dealt with 20cm of snow yesterday with more on the way.

Who started riding first in your house, BoaB or you? Just wondering.

Also I may be wrong but I believe I read somewhere that the Belgian's don't let their riders eat cheese. And I don't mean the horses.


Dee said...

I was a sporadic cycling commuter from our arrival here 14 years ago. I was challenged by the switch to the left and wasn't comfortable driving. I had also promised myself I would never own my own car again, part of coming here was an attempt to tread more lightly on the earth.

I used to cycle to school with our son, drop him off and continue to work. I was profoundly unfit and this forced me onto the bike daily.

Scott was first to group ride though. A nice Canadian woman started work in his office and enthused about cycling. Scott bought a hybrid and joined her for the Saturday coffee ride. Nearly killed him! I joined for half the ride on my $99 decade old mtn bike. Nearly killed me!

We liked it, I got on a hybrid, Scott got a road bike, I got a road bike, Scott got a better road bike...

we are smitten.

Dee said...

I should add that we started "cycling" - not just getting someplace we needed to go by bicycle- in summer (December?) 2007.

The big trigger was the decision to participate in the Paluma Push mtn bike race that July as a group. So began training.

Ant said...

Hi Dee. Just saw your comment re: Spatial industry, thank you very much! I would be interested in talking to you about it sometime.

Are you and Scott still heading to Adel for TDU? I will be there also, driving over this weekend.