Monday, January 19, 2009

Big cycling week

Not for me, for the people who are the real deal. First, Ruth Corset, local triathlete turned cyclist extraordinaire won silver in the Australian Open Road Championship. I didn’t see a notice in the local paper about this, but then if it isn’t online I don’t see it, I wouldn’t kill a tree for that rag. Anyhow – this happened on the 10th but we only got to see it on TV Sunday, and it was great to see the good coverage of the women’s events and to see a local sporting hero on the podium. Good for Ruth!
Ruth of course is resplendent in the Queensland Academy of Sport Maroon.

Then the really big news in the Tour Down Under, another Queenslander Robbie McEwen won the Cancer Council Classic with a brilliant sprint at the end. Yes Lance was there too, and managed to refrain from getting hurt in the crit., which must have seemed a good result for the first time back in a mad bunch.

I have been following the carnival in Adelaide which surrounds the race on a local news site, Adelaide Now , which has some good clips for those of you far away. I especially like this one:
Lance's new bike, it is not the usual drill.
(excuse the advert for a bad American movie at the start). I like that we still have some upstart funky young people like the vegan cyclist to take the piss out of things. Australia is good that way.

And of course I am on leave for the next two weeks. Plan “A” was to go to the Tour, but life, a difficult to book doctor’s appointment and common financial sense prevailed, so we are cycling here and watching the action on TV.  Hopefully a fair few kms this week, rolling easy in preparation for a ride from calcium to Charters Towers. Most of the group is cycling from Townsville, but I actually really enjoy the half ride and would find the full ride a drag, so the half it is. It will be about 80kms for me, most enjoyable rollers after the climb up Mingela range (which is so easy even I can do it). Then a cool swim at the local pool, a day of cricket and home again to watch the recorded live coverage of the final day of the TDU. Busy, busy.

On a sad note, we lost another cyclist this weekend, up in Cairns. I haven’t read the details in the press yet because I am just too sad. Maybe later. There will be a memorial ride. I need to go to the office tomorrow (yea, I know, but just tomorrow!) and I will post the details on the JCU BUG site. I hope it makes drivers stop and think, but I doubt it.

On a happy note there are a few thinking drivers, and I will be contacting a local company tomorrow to personally thank them for the kind actions of one of their truck drivers, who caught me at a pinch point this morning, realized there was oncoming traffic, there was no room because I had no place to go, and braked til we were all clear. Such a simple and sensible thing, and if he hadn’t done that there might be a memorial ride in Townsville too.

Ride safe. 

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Bluenoser said...

Glad to hear the truck slowed for you. Sorry about the other cyclist though.

Wait till Lance hears about my new bike. I'm building it out of old tube socks stretched then starched.

Get your orders in early.