Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bikeway warrior

Twin Six sent me an email with the t-shirt of the month, and I had to have one.The bikeway is an important constant in my life. No matter how I opt to go to work, the bikeway will form part of the ride. It is always beautiful, and a great place to appreciate the seasonal changes in the dry tropics. The lotus grow, bloom and disappear. The backdrop of hills changes from green to khaki to beige, sometimes to black if fires are lit. The sweet smell of raintree blossom overwhelms twice a year, the path is littered with leaves at the end of the dry.

I have a pact with myself that I will be an ambassador for cycling on the bikeway. This is especially important in these early weeks of the year, when the path home at the end of the day is clogged with people newly resolved to get moving. Lots of wobbly newbies on Christmas bikes. I so hope they are still part of my routine as confident cyclists come Easter. New walkers, puffing in bunches and reacting in terror to the ring of a bike bell. I always slow down, have a cheery word and a laugh. I never blow by at high speed, aloof and superior, but I know lots of others do. So I am in damage control, trying to show that nice people cycle too, and I hope I make a difference.

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Bluenoser said...

You'll have to be the Canadian Ambassador. You're not allowed to be an Australian one.

Hand them treats from your Keith's bag.