Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 2009

Lots of people are posting their mileage for 2008, but I confess I didn't keep track. So I will this year since it seems the 'thing to do'. I estimate I must have done around 8000 kms last year, so that will be my base point.

While Nova Scotians have been enjoying this
We have been enjoying this

And watching blokes fish, sometimes with surprising results. 
They were very skilled in getting this beautiful ray quickly off the hook and back in the water. 

We took a kidnapped beer bag to exotic places:

But we didn't cycle any more than your average blizzard bound maritimer, so there you go. After a nice break and visit with my sister and brother in law we are back home  and tomorrow is a working day. I confess I am mentally unprepared to go back to the office so I will get up early and take a long ride before I get there so I have time to think about what needs doing and plan my week. Rain willing of course.

I am looking forward to a couple of weeks of the cycling/work/cycling/eat/sleep/repeat continuum to shift a couple of kilos and get my endurance up.  Like well meaning individuals everywhere I also intend to pay my dues at the uni gym and get stuck into it a couple of times a week as it makes a big difference, even though it is an awful bore. I will get Scott a membership too as we seem to be good encouragement for each other. The new sports facility looks really nice, I just hope the low fees we enjoyed in the old daggy gym haven’t changed too much.

My sister Carol has a birthday the end of the week, so here is a nice bouquet I picked in my yard this morning, wish I could get it to your living room!
The grass I cut back is shooting nicely as predicted, thanks very much for the advice.


Bluenoser said...

8000, holy crap. Makes my 4000 seem pretty sad. I don't even want to talk about BoaB's. But I can talk about endless hours on the trainer. I put a computer on the rear wheel this year to just have a laugh at how many miles it would be.

That bag must be rare down there.


Dee said...

I expect that is the only Keith's bag in Australia. It is having a lovely holiday. I was not surprised that you are giving up the Labatts, Bluenosers drink Keiths anyway!

I bet the milage goes way up with the trainer thrown in the mix.