Saturday, January 31, 2009

News from the neighbourhood

From the Townsville Bulletin:
This snake was a few streets over from us, I wish he had gotten through a few of our possums before they moved him on. It was lovely to read the story in the paper, a local snake handler enthused about the quality of wildlfe habitat in our neighbourhood. I totally agree. 

We got a decent ride in today, and the rain held off all day, there were even "bright periods". My neice was visiting, she was driving north from Mackay to Cairns, but the roads were closed in a few places north of us, so she stayed overnight. It was lovely to catch up, I hope they made it through because things are closing in again.

Thanks to the rain I am short of my intended monthly. I'll try and do extra in February.


Bluenoser said...

No place for me. Superman...Kryptonite, me...snakes.


Dee said...

But it was just a python! They are very sweet. You have to look out for typans and adders, they are scary!

All this rain and flooding had caused the crocs to move to higher ground. One was hit by a car on the main road near our house last night, I hope he (she) recovers! The croc I mean, they are lovely if you keep out of their habitat!