Wednesday, January 14, 2009

obsessive compulsive behavior

I have cycled about 30 kms so far this week, and I am freaking out! I thought my natural laziness would make non cycling days a pleasure, but I have a burning need to get out there and do it. I need a long ride!

We have had near cyclonic conditions for the last 3 days, big winds, heavy rains. The bikeway is a disaster zone of leaves, branches, washouts of sand and mud. I took the Toorak Tractor this morning (that would be the Myka). What a hoot blasting along in a straight line no matter what lay ahead. I love my road bike, but that dual suspension tractor is a hoot. I need to work on the set-up, my knees were sore after such a short ride, but I just love it. I am taking a couple of weeks off with Boab to do some chores and watch the TDU on telly, and I figure we may have to make a few trips on dirt for the fun of it.

I saw a post somewhere about “if my bike was a car” and I figure this sort of thing is very educational for all those who don’t get it. So here is my take:

Sorry for the tiny picture, but this is the best I could find. My first car was a 1971 mustang grande 351.

I cannot believe this car did not kill me, because I was reckless, 16 and bulletproof. There seemed no limit to how fast or how far, and the feeling of driving that car was just indescribably exciting. Which makes the Specialized Dolce WSD road bike a bargain, because it is just as thrilling if no less dangerous.

It is very funny too that I can google an old car, and find the exact model with the same paint job and vinyl roof, but I can't find a picture of the bike. What does that say about car culture ruling all.

I have already revealed the Myka is my Toorak Tractor. For those of you not familiar with Melbourne’s suburbs, Toorak is an enclave of the rich, and calling an over-engineered, luxury 4WD a Toorak tractor is a derogatory way of dismissing a lot of money spent by soft, wealthy housewives on vehicles they will never drive in the conditions for which they were designed. Pretty true.

Then there is my Avanti escape hard tail mtn bike. If that piece of crap isn't a 20 year old volvo I don't know what is. But I take good care of it, and it has fenders and panniers and it hauls ass and groceries, and gets me where I need to go. But honestly Avanti, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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